Date Time Location Notes
April 21 7:09 pm Anywhere you are All of the notes
June 11 7:00 pm Riverside Casino, 3184 Hwy 22, Riverside, IA We love this venue, Hope to see you there
July 7 7:00 pm Lincoln Park, 11th Ave and 38th Street Rock Island, IL Come early for the great food.
May 22 8:30 pm Rhythm City Casino, rhythm room, 7077 Elmore Ave. Davenport, IA of course, this gig is subject to things getting back to normal after covid-19 has closed the entertainment business. We love to play for you and we hope to see you soon.
May 22 8:30 pm Rhythm City Casino
March 3 7:00 pm Palladium
June 20 7:00 pm Riverside Casino
June 15 Riverside Casino